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Seaport E Task Order

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15 April 2012

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C4I/IT Program Management Support to COMPACFLT

Critical to the success of the COMPACFLT N6 objectives is the close coordination and communication of each initiative and program managed and implemented within N6, including Naval Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) NGEN, OneNET and ForceNET. Strategic planning, integrated implementation, and command-wide communications are critical to the successful execution of all C4I/IT program activities within COMPACFLT. Maximum situational and operational awareness within the context of the COMPACFLT N6 managed programs is required to provide technical responses, program guidance, and command policies to ensure uninterrupted command readiness.

The objectives of this task are to provide information management, information assurance, risk management, information capabilities and C4/IT program management support to COMPACFLT N6 for C4/IT activities in support of COMPACFLT or COMPACFLT authorized collaborative commands.